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The ticket information

1. After the ticket is successfully purchased, the number of people shall be marked on the ticket face. According to the order, one person and one gate shall enter the park in an orderly manner. Do not crowd;

2. Once purchased, tickets are non transferable and non refundable. Unless otherwise stipulated by law, tickets must be used within the validity period;

3. Tourists who meet the free ticket or preferential policies must present corresponding certificates to purchase tickets and enter the park on the spot. At entrance check-in, they also need to present corresponding certificates to the staff. Tourists who do not carry relevant certificates must make up their tickets;

4. The ticket is only used as the voucher for tourists to enter the park, and the secondary consumption items in the park need to be paid separately;

5. The park is not responsible for the lost tickets, stolen tickets, expired tickets and fake tickets. Please buy them from the official designated channels. The park will investigate the legal responsibility of those who hold or sell fake tickets according to law;

6. When entering the park, you will be required to show your ID card and relevant qualification documents, and you must abide by the "tourist instructions" of the park when entering xiangyuanhua world tourist resort;

7. In order to ensure the safety of tourists, the elderly aged 70 and above and children under 1.2m should be accompanied by adults;

8. Under extreme weather or other irresistible factors, we will change the opening hours of the amusement projects in Xiangyuan · Hua world tourist resort, temporarily close some areas in the park, control the number of people entering the park, and suspend or cancel individual amusement projects.

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Sunriver Leisure Resort Garden

Telephone number:0551-67168883

Complaint hotline:0551-67167773

Rescue Phone:0551-67169993

Address: No.8 Jinzhai South Road, Hefei City, Anhui Province