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Suniver leisure resort garden, built by Xiangyuan holdings, is divided into two phases: Dangui Bay and Tinglan Bay, aiming at the core needs of high-end people for life, the extension of space and level, creating a full-time life style home system, and creating a better life. Products from the use of space to functional layout, and then to every inch of detail carefully carved, full respect for the essence of human life, so that the feelings and life of residents, can be properly taken care of and satisfied.

Suniver leisure resort garden is located on the lakeshore of about 1000 mu. Taking about 4000 mu of Huahai Lake as the natural keynote, it integrates the poetry of Huahai Lake residence with the urban life scene. There are eight theme parks and ten fun experiences, including Adventure Park, 3.7km aerial sliding rope, 42.7m super-high bungee jumping platform, five theme maze groups, beach wharf, 520 flower sea, flower world town and other wonderful tourism products. Create a new era of global flower living, and strive to create a new tourism cover of the Great Lakes city.

The surrounding transportation network is developed, and the social, cultural, fashion, life and other functions are complete. It is close to Jinzhai Road, feicui Road (Planning) and Jixian Road (Planning); Shenzhen road and Fangxing avenue have fast access to the central business district, with double track blessing of Metro Line 3 (Planning) and Metro Line 9 (Planning); he'an high-speed railway is expected to open by the end of 2020; four-dimensional three-dimensional road network is connected and connected to all directions. Xiangyuan flower world, Huahai Lake residence oxygen House, a collection of natural beauty, artistic conception beauty, life beauty in one, currently built about 96-130 square meters lakeshore Huahai beauty house, hot sales.

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