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Planet Garden

Star garden, located in Hefei xiangyuanhua world tourist resort, is a theme garden integrating natural aesthetics, life gardening and natural science education. The open area covers an area of 165 mu. At present, there are more than 2000 kinds of plants and more than 50 kinds of birds. Fireflies, rabbits, hedgehogs, weasels and other wild animals often appear in the garden. Planet garden is based on ecological restoration, natural return of wild animals and natural science education to create a back garden for urban people to relax and get close to nature.

—— Star camp  ——

After entering the star garden, we first come to our star campsite. Here, we take ten small gardens built by horticulturists as the core, which are also called Galaxy garden. Each small garden has a different theme and style, grocery store, city after the disappearance of human beings, home of American courtyard elves, one meter vegetable garden and so on. At the same time, there are also insect castles and our blue cabin, which are excellent photo clock spots.

——  Rose Garden  ——

Rose garden is mainly composed of five different styles of small gardens: Ouyue garden, climbing vine garden, wisteria garden, shrub garden and xerophyte garden. At the same time, it is also our subjective flower area. Every spring and Autumn - there will be a million roses blooming, and in summer and winter, there will be corresponding seasons of flowers continue to bloom. For example, hydrangea, lily, and autumn ornamental grass~

—— Natural Art Museum  ——

The Museum of natural art, full of memory and aesthetics, hides in the folds of time to see plants and insects condense in the most beautiful moment. Here you can explore the origin of life and trace back the process of historical evolution. The most real beauty of nature is here.

—— Fossil treasure ground  ——

It's the first fossil treasure ground in China that can smash plant fossils. It's the coolest way to explore the mysteries of the earth. The leaves of ten thousand years ago slowly peel off from the rocks, and the petal traces separate from the rocks. Welcome to the fossil treasure ground to experience this wonderful time travel. Some fossil mineral experts come to the site to explain. Maybe you can dig the fossils of hundreds of millions of years ago

—— Meaty Museum  ——

1000 + species succulent plant museum - succulent Museum. The succulent plant master "Ermu" creates the succulent plant museum. According to the succulent species, it restores the varieties of the original scene, and the wonderful Museum journey begins.

—— Forest house tribe  ——

The most tender moment of the day in the garden is the sunset of the forest and wooden house tribe, which starts at five in the evening and sets here; waiting quietly, the opening of the night elf dance.

—— Vanilla Botanical Garden  ——

When stepping into the Vanilla Garden, please close your eyes and touch with your hands to feel the taste of plants. There are hundreds of herbs, rosemary as seasoning, lavender as essential oil, sage and mint from all over the world. These fragrant plants are also the favorite of insects. We can find some unusual insects here because they are very small. We need to observe them carefully to find their little paradise; Our fragrance master will also lead you to experience the charm of vanilla. Let's join in!

—— River bird paradise  ——

The first person to settle here is a "black water chicken", as well as swallows, kingfisher, mallard, etc. you can consult the Birdwatching teacher here, who will tell you everything about waterbirds. Connected with the wetland garden is the ecological core of the whole garden - River bird paradise. We planted arrowhead and reed around the lake. 13 kinds of aquatic plants and dozens of wild fish were planted in the whole lake. Three central islands were specially built for waterfowls in the lake, and some waterfowl huts and feeding platforms were placed beside the lake, as well as orchards, gardens, aquatic plants and native fish around Stocking enriches the biodiversity of stream bird paradise and provides habitat and food for the survival of stream birds. This is also a platform for us to learn from birds and observe how they catch fish, shrimp and aquatic plants.

—— Little children's garden  ——

It's a secret garden for children. Adults are not allowed to enter the garden unless you are invited by children! When you step into the wooden gate of time and space, you will enter the Hobbit village! Uncle Mario's water passage is hidden on the hill. The log bridge can exercise your balance ability. There are many precious gems hidden in the sand pit. The dry stream will have clear water flowing through when it rains. On the back of the hill is a secret jungle There are more secrets hidden in this garden than these. Find them as soon as possible!

—— Firefly fruit paradise  ——

—— Food garden  ——

A lot of vegetables, wild vegetables, berries and strawberries are planted here to provide more sufficient food sources for small animals, so the vegetables here are also forbidden to pick! The design of the food garden is a key to open a lock, which can only be seen from the sky, implying that another door of knowledge has been opened. A large number of unusual colored vegetables, strange looking pumpkins and dozens of blueberries, raspberries and strawberries are planted here. The local common wild vegetables; we regularly carry out small knowledge class science, to avoid eating poisonous plants, and how to know how to protect rare plants, and most importantly, this is the exclusive territory of father hare, stealing vegetables will be attacked~

—— Nature camp  ——

There are various kinds of natural science courses held in the planet garden every day, where we can see the most real side of children's contact with natural knowledge. At the same time, it is also the exhibition area of previous works, where you can see all kinds of works made by people after meeting nature.

—— Star camp  ——

Nowadays, when children are young, they are either on the way of various cram schools or interest classes. In these hasty steps, do you ask your children to stop and look at the wild flowers and weeds on the roadside, recognize the birds chirping on the branches and natural deficiency? It is a very common phenomenon among the contemporary youth groups, because they have never had a real life experience We have never experienced the connection between nature and ourselves. We hope that more children can grow up happily in nature, and at the same time, they can get more knowledge about our nature out of textbooks, which is closely connected with nature. Therefore, every set of nature courses developed by planet garden are based on the close connection between human and nature The five senses of nature, and a "close contact"

Meaty candy: you must have eaten candy, but have you ever seen meaty candy? Fabric + meaty = good looking and "delicious" meaty candy. Hand in hand to teach you how to grow meat into candy

Succulent potted plants: how to grow succulent plants? How to grow well? How to grow fast and well? Here we will take you to experience the fun of planting, tell you how to maintain, it can be more and more lovel

Flower bookmark: can't flowers and plants be permanently decorated? Are you kidding? Choose your favorite dried flowers and make a unique bookmark for yourself.

How to make a little turtle: pinecone balls, small pieces of wood, melon seed shells. Can you turn into a little turtle just by these things? Let's play our imagination, experience the metamorphosis of little turtle, and be a little turtle of our own~

Vanilla plants guess: do you know what vanilla plants look like? How does it taste? Have you observed it carefully? In the game, let's know 10 kinds of common vanilla plants through touch, smell and vision.

Plant printing and dyeing: leaves a picture, and then use seven colors of pigment according to the shape of plants, their preferences, ideas, through the form of spray to piece together a plant imprint.

Plant mallet dye: can you imagine? Even if the leaves look the same color, they may knock out different colors on the cloth. The sap of the plant is penetrated into the cloth by beating to show the shape of the plant and present the true "self" of the plant.

Discover the secrets of succulent family: take children to understand what is succulent plant and what? Can you eat more meat? How to raise succulent plants? It's true or not. Don't worry. After this class, you can become a little master of meat~

Night exploration biological Kingdom: Night nature observation (referred to as "night view") refers to observing the activities of nature in the dark. Let's explore the elves who haunt at night and their wonderful night life.

Every Saturday and Sunday, there will be horticulturists around the garden to explain to you, to bring you a full range of in-depth understanding of the garden and horticultural knowledge.

In the garden, you will also encounter a variety of magical animals. It may be Peter Rabbit who is eating grass in the rose garden. It may also be black grouse who roams freely in the lake of stream bird paradise. It may also be small butterflies who are dancing. You might as well carefully observe which flower they like best?