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Corporate Culture

  Mission: the builder of tourism destination

  >Natural characteristics: beautiful scenery, unique culture and convenient transportation;

  > humanistic characteristics: respecting nature and inheriting culture;

  > content features: rich content products, perfect leisure system;

  > Customer stickiness: tourists are willing to stay more than 24 hours and yearn to arrive repeatedly.

  Vision: live healthily

  >Enterprise health: adhere to the innovation driven mode of sustainable development, standardize development, and make steady strides;

  > Product Health: adhere to ecological priority and green development to provide customers with healthy product and service experience;

  > employee health: build a healthy industrial platform to make employees grow and gain achievements.

  Core values

  Customer first, pragmatic, professional spirit, team achievement, courage to take responsibility, simple sunshine

  >Customer first: customer demand is the primary basis for our decision-making. Listening to customers' voice and insight into consumption changes are our compulsory courses. Xiangyuan has only one team to stand on, that is, the customer team. If you don't have the right to speak in the company, that means you are not close enough to customers. Customer first is not only external customers, but also the upstream and downstream of work.

  > professionalism: adhere to professional people to do professional things, professional accumulation and potential development as the main standard of talent development; want to promote the best way is to improve professional ability to make achievements; do not pay attention to professional managers, can only show that he (she) is not professional enough; professional is not by mouth, the key is to see whether it can solve the problem.

  > team achievement: to promote the success of the team can help individuals to achieve better success; to oppose haggling, to oppose hanging high; to put people who pay too much attention to personal achievement and psychological feelings on key positions; to reuse those employees who care about the team and contribute value to the overall situation.

  > Dare to take responsibility: advocate to face difficulties and challenges, have the courage to make decisions and take responsibility; oppose to wait passively, to find problems without exposure, not to solve inaction; oppose "it's not my business, it's someone else's responsibility", take the initiative to fill the position and efficient coordination is everyone's responsibility; reuse those responsible, dare to think, dare to do, dare to compete for the first talent, resolutely put laziness and so on The laggards who depend on the market are eliminated.

  > Simple sunshine: advocate right things, not people, and praise simple sunshine interpersonal relationship; oppose bureaucracy, yamen consciousness, privilege thought and power worship; oppose "leaders are right" and "one speech", managers should have self-knowledge, and if they don't criticize themselves, they will be judged by others; reuse those cadres who take success as the principle, don't have power, don't have privilege and have no official addiction, and let them have hierarchical consciousness Stand in line with people and become a street mouse.