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Sunriver Leisure Resort Garden is a series of theme projects of landscape city integration independently developed by Xiangyuan holding group. It is the core project of urban leisure culture and tourism products of Xiangyuan holding group. It is the representative work of Xiangyuan deeply cultivating culture and tourism industry for more than ten years and exploring the integration of culture, tourism and city.

Sunriver Leisure Resort Garden is an urban leisure eco-tourism destination based on ecology, with flowers as the theme, flower industry as the feature, family leisure, parent-child education, outdoor sports, interactive experience as the main business form, combined with local culture.

Sunriver Leisure Resort Garden in Hefei, as the first project of Xiangyuan flower world series products, was built by Xiangyuan holding group at a cost of more than 3 billion yuan. Relying on Tanchong lake and surrounding the lake, it has constructed a spatial pattern of "one lake and eight gardens", covering a total area of more than 4000 mu. Suniver Flower World Tourism Resort is an innovative and characteristic industrial zone with flower as the theme, and it is a demonstration zone of three industries linkage industry in Anhui Province.

In the later stage, Sunriver Leisure Resort Garden will take the integration of industry and city as a breakthrough, abandon the shackles of "talking about tourism on tourism and industry on industry", and build a "production, life and ecology" three in one, three wheel drive development mode through "flower industry + living life + culture, tourism and leisure".

Sunriver Leisure Resort Garden in the future The world will gradually improve the industrial layout in the region, drive the industrial development of surrounding areas, lead the structural upgrading of Feixi seedling and flower industry from the first industry to the third industry, and become a demonstration area of industry city integration in the Yangtze River Delta and even the whole country, so as to realize the goal of industry city integration of "prospering the city by industry, gathering industry by city, and industry city interaction".